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Call 888-944-2247 or use the link below to submit a complaint.

The link below allows you to submit a complaint on a business for potential violation(s) of the Iowa Smokefree Air Act. You are not required to submit your name and contact information. You can leave us your name and contact information in the comments section of the Complaint Form if you would like.

Order Signage

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Sign Requirements

The Smokefree Air Act requires businesses to post “no smoking” signs at every entrance that “clearly and conspicuously” inform persons that they are entering an area where smoking is prohibited, including entrances to outdoor serving and seating areas and in all vehicles owned, leased, or provided by an employer.

All “no smoking” signs must contain the following elements:

Links and Resources


Quitline Iowa
Quitline Iowa is a toll-free, statewide, tobacco cessation telephone counseling hotline. Trained counselors provide callers with information about the health consequences of tobacco use, assistance in making an individualized quit plan, and on-going support through optional follow-up calls.

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