Order free No Smoking signage!!!

To order signs:

Please send an email to "TobContactUs@idph.iowa.gov" or call 888-944-2247 

Be sure to include your:

  • name
  • mailing address
  • the number (quantity) of signs needed 
  • the type (A, B, C etc..) of signs you are requesting. (see below)
  • cling or sticker? Some of each? (clings are sticky on the front and go on the inside of a door or window. stickers are sticky on the back and go on the outside of a door, window, or wall) 

Please allow 10-14 days for sign delivery.

Stickers (sticky on the back) vs. Clings (sticky on the front)

A) No Smoking (English/Spanish) Building Cling or Sticker 6"x4"


no smoking building eng span


B) No Smoking (English/ Spanish) Vehicle Cling or Sticker  3" x 3" 


E) Tobacco Free/ Nicotine Free stickers or clings 6" x 4"  * (only available to organizations/businesses with a comprehensive tobacco free and nicotine free policy*. This is above and beyond what is required by the law. Please contact us for more information about how to create a policy that will qualify you for this type of signage.     




tf nf door eng span


F) Tobacco Free/ Nicotine Free Vehicle sticker or cling: 3" x 3" * (only available to organizations/businesses with a comprehensive tobacco free and nicotine free policy see below) 



tf nf vehicle eng span


* To ensure the business has a strong tobacco-free/nicotine-free policy, and to qualify for free window signs and metal outdoor signage, the policy must explicitly include all of the following:

  • Policy must extend to all types of tobacco, nicotine and electronic smoking devices (ESD) products (i.e. not only cigarettes; include all tobacco, ESDs and nicotine products not approved by the FDA for cessation.)
  • Policy must extend to employees & visitors 
  • Policy must apply at all times
  • Policy must extend to company vehicles
  • Policy must extend to entire business property to receive outdoor signage.

General Sign Requirements

The Smokefree Air Act requires businesses to post “no smoking” signs at every entrance that “clearly and conspicuously” inform persons that they are entering an area where smoking is prohibited, including entrances to outdoor serving and seating areas and in all vehicles owned, leased, or provided by an employer.

All “no smoking” signs must contain the following elements:

  1. The words “No Smoking” or the international “No Smoking” symbol
  2. The Smokefree Air Act Helpline: “1-888-944-2247”
  3. The official Web site: “SmokefreeAir.Iowa.gov” (older signs can have www.iowasmokefreeair.gov) 

All “no smoking” signs should be at least 24 square inches in size, 6x4 is a common size or 8x3. Font type and size must be legible.

Vehicle signage must meet all of the above requirements, but the size can be at least 9 square inches.