Submit a Complaint

Local law enforcement may investigate complaints about alleged violations of the Smokefree Air Act. The Iowa Department of Public Health, Division of Tobacco Use Prevention & Control may notify the proprietor of the public place or place of employment or coordinate a site visit after receipt of a complaint.

When filling out this form, required fields are indicated by a red asterisk (*). By submitting anonymous complaints, IDPH is impaired in its ability to immediately address the alleged violations because further investigation is required. As such, IDPH strongly suggests that you leave your name and contact information to better expedite this process.

If you are having trouble filling out this form, please call 1-888-944-2247. 

NOTE: Complaints should be filed within 10 days of observing potential violation(s), in order to facilitate a timely investigation.

Please provide some additional details in regards to what you saw. This field is required.

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